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What is your “why,” how will you keep it nearby, and how will you honor the shared cultures of your life?
A friend messaged me: “If only I could go beyond myself! If only it was possible! Is it possible?” The answer is a resounding “yes.”
It’s the dull and ugly work that cultivates the lowest turf, dragging down the awareness of G‑d to the lowest plane and helping Him to fulfill His desire.
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Meet Shua and Bashie Naparstek and learn how a marriage can withstand the greatest challenges.
As the cashier began processing my items, I reached into my purse to retrieve a credit card. Instead, I realized at that moment that my wallet was not there.
I found it very moving to be present at this quite rare ceremony for only the second time in my life.
An Italian Jewish Cookie Studded with Fruit and Nuts

Dear Readers,

Nowadays, positive psychology assures us that we can be whoever we want to be. It is just a matter of thinking positively, training our mindset or attracting positive forces to our life. Gain the confidence to chase your dreams. Mind over matter. Hard work will yield results.

And so, many of us start to work really hard. We train our thoughts and mind on our goal. We learn...

I will never look at a rotisserie chicken without recalling the kindness of a complete stranger. The first prayer we say when we wake up is, “I give thanks” and the word “Jew” comes from the exact root (modeh). The concept of gratitude is apparently embedded literally in who we are as a people.
— A Forgotten Wallet, a Free Chicken … and Gratitude
Handy Household Hacks
Coffee Filter in Pots

Tired of the soil in your potted plants draining out of the holes on the bottom? When you pot your plants, put a coffee filter on the bottom. This will cover the holes and keep soil from leaking out, while still allowing water to drip through.

On Being Yourself

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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