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Throughout your life, you will have many missions. What have you completed, and what is there to begin at this new stage of life?
G‑d gave us a perfect garden, and we ruined it!
A perspective on the curse of Eve
G‑d created many spiritual worlds filled with angels, who have a sophisticated understanding of spirituality. Beneath these spiritual worlds is the physical world, where we human beings exist. We...
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The table was crowded with people I wouldn’t expect to see at a Chassidic gathering.
For maximum effect, you need to deal with your 'challenge' from all sides. You need to focus the setting, gather your energy beforehand and then dispense it evenly and deliberately. A sudden spill of...
A Sukkot Experience
A simchat Torah classic. With step-by-step photo instructions.

"My husband takes me for granted! When we first married years ago, I was his whole world. He made me feel so loved, so needed. I was the center of his life, treasured and important.

"But nowadays…I feel more like a piece of old furniture, functional and comfortable, but with no intimate connection. We're like two strangers living under the same roof. The spark is gone."

Adam stood in the...

Had the rocket held onto empty fuel tanks, the dead weight would have dragged it back to earth, where it would have crashed. Clinging to things that work against us functioning optimally is carrying dead weight that will jeopardize our life’s mission.
— A Lesson From the Mission to Mars
Handy Household Hacks
Multi-Use Toothbrushes

Use toothbrushes to clean grout in the bathroom or kitchen. They are also handy for cleaning jewelry.


Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

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