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Our world needs more righteous people or, at least, more righteous acts.
If we are all fools before G‑d, how do we know what the correct path is?
Parshat Beshalach
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The Magazine
During her youth and while pursuing her career as a psychologist, Dr. Lana Tiersky was not interested in an observant lifestyle. That all changed when her children embarked on their own journeys of...
“Joy breaks all bounds,” I would repeat to my husband.
“I want you to have this. I won’t be needing it anymore,” she said.

Dear Reader.

Basi Legani is the discourse of the Sixth Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak, released for his passing in 1950, and the first Chassidic discourse delivered by our Rebbe. It conveys the call of the hour for our generation.

Here are three points from this Chassidic discourse that I feel are so crucial for each of us to understand and convey to ourselves, our friends and our children...

Who would believe a woman going through what I was going through—a life-threatening, aggressive diagnosis—would be happy without being afraid?
— The Happiest Time of My Life
Handy Household Hacks

Get rid of rust by rubbing it with aluminum foil soaked in vinegar.

The School of Life

In school, you have lessons and are given tests. In life, you are given tests and have to learn the lessons.

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