Below is information on the Bar Mitzvah classes we offer at Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta.

For further information, please contact our office at 403.281.3770 or by email.



1. Tefillin – must be Kosher, and can be purchased through Chabad (or by a pre-approved source agreed upon by Rabbi Matusof). Budget is approximately $650.00 CDN - to be confirmed at the time of purchase.

2. Frequency of classes - once a week. Close to Bar-Mitzvah, it will be more often.

3. The child is expected to know, learn and do his homework; otherwise it is a waste of everyone’s time.

4. Photographs – cannot be taken on Shabbat, but can be taken during the week.

5. Reception, Kiddush, caterers etc. - All Bar-Mitzvah arrangements must be approved by Rabbi Matusof.

6. Invitations – Should also be reviewed by Rabbi Matusof.

7. A Shabbos experience with the family at the Rabbi’s house.

8. Instructor - Rabbi Mordechai Groner, other Rabbi on staff, and some classes with other qualified staff members

9. Cost of Bar-Mitzvah – Our Policy is Open door/No Membership, however we must get financial support from members of our community, especially those benefiting from our programs. Money will not be in the way of preparing your child for the Bar-Mitzvah, however, we hope you will not abuse this warm open-door policy, and will contribute to the extent of your ability, and help Calgary-Chabad go on with its work.

Suggested contribution for classes and actual Bar-Mitzvah is $1200.00. Post-dated cheques or credit cards are welcome. Feel free to spread payments for up to two years ($50-100 per month). If you cannot afford this contribution, please feel free to discuss it with Rabbi Matusof.

Please Note: For the use of the kitchen, hall for Kiddush, and Kiddush, there will be a charge. The amount depends on use. This should be discussed with Rabbi Mordechai Groner.



1. The meaning behind Bar-Mitzvah

2. How to put on Tefillin

3. Read blessings (according to ability) for:

A. Aliya
B. HafTorah
C. Hamotzi
D. Bentching
E. Lead parts of the service

4. General information about Jewish history, ethics, customs, holidays and values.

A. All the holidays – 
          Rosh Hashana | Yom Kippur | Sukkot | Simchat Torah | Chanukah | Purim | Pesach | Shavu’ot
B. History
C. The Synagogue – objects …
D. Bris Mila
E. Fast Days
F. Tefillin
G. Shabbos
H. Mezuzah – scribe, Torah scroll
I. Kashruth
J. Brochos
K. Tzedakah
L. Talis and Tzitzis
M. Israel – the Holy Land
N. Judaism in modern society
O. Peer pressure
P. Judaism on the internet