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It goes without saying that at Chabad, we are taking every possible step and precaution to assure the safety and well-being of everyone in the community and beyond.

Obviously, anyone in need of any support or help due to this unique circumstance we are in now, should please not hesitate to contact any of the Rabbis or staff at Chabad.

If you know seniors or anyone who cannot go out and is in need of something, let us know and we will do our best to help in a safe way. Please let’s remember: While we might need to be in physical isolation… NO ONE SHOULD BE IN SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL ISOLATION! We at Chabad are here to help and assist!

Chabad’s Calgary Campus & Edmonton’s Chabad House are closed for all programs and services. All our programs and Services are moving to online platforms. 

Our focus is also on cleaning, sanitizing and making our Calgary’s commercial kitchen ready for cooking and baking for Pesach as per guidelines and advice of our government.

We are very hopeful and are working hard on assuring that the "Faigel Shapiro Kosher Pantry" is in the position of tending to everyone’s needs as every year and even more, with the hope of helping many communities in Alberta!

We are working on bringing the kitchen to a position of assuring Pesach and Seder needs for all.

Also, please make sure your homes are protected! If you need a new Mezuzah, or if you need your old Mezuzos checked, we're here to help you make any arrangements.

Let us all remember the Rebbe’s message: One act of Goodness and Kindness will indeed change the world! May Hashem bless everyone with good health NOW! May Hashem make an end to this NOW! MOSHIACH NOW!


Thursday May 16th 2024
Modern Lifestyle vs. Traditional Judaism...

Thursday May 9th 2024
Jumping is Preventive Medicine & Holy!

Thursday May 2nd 2024
Common sense: how come not everyone gets it?

Thursday April 25th 2024
I'm not done with my Seders!

Thursday April 18th 2024
Celebrate Pesach in the Midst of a War? How?

Thursday April 11th 2024
Waiting for a miracle in your life?

Thursday April 4th 2024
Eclipse, this week's Parsha & Mashiach!!
More info: Click here

Thursday March 28th 2024
Keeping the fire going and expanding!

Thursday March 21st 2024
Amalek, Haman, Hamas & our own evil inclination...

Thursday March 14th 2024
Graduation this week! !חזק

Thursday March 7th 2024
This year, Purim in Israel!! :)

Thursday February 29th 2024

Thursday February 22nd 2024
Why are we happy when we're in the midst of a war?

Thursday February 15th 2024
Precious as GOLD! Do you have any??

Thursday February 8th 2024
If Majority Rules, how can we as a minority stand up against the world?

Thursday February 1st 2024
10 Commandments & Blessings to Our Holy Soldiers

Friday January 25th 2024
The current war & the hands of Moshe Rabeinu!

Friday January 19th 2024
1st Birthday of Kfir Bibas, in captivity by Hamas! May Hashem protect him!

Thursday January 11th 2024
Can you believe it?
!אני מאמין! אנחנו מאמינים בני מאמינים

Thursday January 4th 2024
Speak up and do something about it!

Thursday December 28th 2023
Mother of kidnapped and of soldiers is crying and refuses to accept reality on the grounds!

Thursday December 21st 2023
Addressing and Dealing with a Challenge

Thursday December 14th 2023
Spreading Light! Increasing Light!

Thursday November 30th 2023
Prayer, Gift, or War: Which one? Determination & Light over Uncertainty & Darkness!

Thursday November 23th 2023
I will return peacefully!
ושבתי בשלום אל בית אבי

Thursday November 16th 2023
Good and Evil are not a match!

Thursday November 9th 2023
Bring light to a dark world! And the light will last!

Thursday October 26th 2023
Reflections on Faith!

Friday October 20th 2023
Who can be the Noah in the midst of the War?

Friday October 13th 2023
Israel at war :( AM YISRAEL CHAI!

Friday October 6th 2023
The Torah is just about to get feet!

Friday September 29th 2023
Joy as an outcome of success vs. Joy as the cause of success!

Friday September 22nd 2023
May it be a year of hearing and listening!

Friday September 15th 2023
Shabbos! Don't blow! Greatest blast ever!

Friday September 8th 2023
Want advice on how to actually make this coming year a good one?

Friday September 1st 2023
Is happiness for the past or the future?

Friday August 25th 2023
Meet me where I am. Not where you are!

Friday August 18th 2023
Follow your heart?

Friday August 11th 2023

Friday July 21st 2023
So, which side are you on?

Friday July 14th 2023
Stop! Stop! No! No! Move! Move! What? :)

Friday July 7th 2023
Demanding from G-D. Is that allowed?

Friday June 30th 2023
Challenges & Obstacles...

Friday June 23rd 2023
Our Brain!

Friday June 16th 2023
Don't give up on your child!

Friday June 9th 2023
5 or 7 books of the Torah?

Friday June 2nd 2023
3 inspiring lessons in 4 minutes!

Friday May 19th 2023
Desert Counting & the Torah

Friday May 12th 2023
Connecting to the roots!

Friday May 5th 2023
It's OK. We didn't miss it! Just ask!

Friday April 28th 2023
This is the week to be a winner!

Friday April 21st 2023
Start looking for parking in Jerusalem!


Friday April 14th 2023
Order of the Day - After Passover!


Friday March 31st 2023
Big deal! What is it?


Friday March 24th 2023
Is sacrificing oneself for another considered slavery or freedom?


Friday March 17th 2023
When To Celebrate?


Friday March 10th 2023
3 Steps in Preparing for Passover! Let's get started!


Friday February 24th 2023
Is the Holy Ark meant to be a chest (box) or standing upright?


Friday February 17th 2023
G‑d, I'm OK.. I can take care of myself!


Friday February 10th 2023
Setting the tone and goal for the day ahead of me!


Friday February 3rd 2023
What to expect of our children and students?


Friday January 27th 2023
The Origins of Pharaoh - a Mystical Concept!


Friday January 20th 2023
What we see is our own choice!


Friday January 13th 2023
Caring and Sharing will indeed change the world!


Friday January 6th 2023
Can LIFE Die?


Friday December 30th 2022
Is Truth Achievable & Within Reach?


Friday December 23rd 2022
Message of the 5th Candle!


Friday December 16th 2022
The Pit, Water, Oil & Chanukah!


Friday December 9th 2022
The Blessing of the Sciatic Nerve


Friday December 2nd 2022
Surrounding Conditions Affect Our Behavior & Success?


Friday November 25th 2022
Birth, Challenges, Full & Accomplished Life!


Friday November 18th 2022
Regards From World Jewry!


Friday November 11th 2022
Miracle expected from G-D or from us?


Friday November 4th 2022
Our patriarch Avraham was circumcised at age 99! When was his Bar Mitzvah?


Friday October 28th 2022
Noah's Ark & My Mother's Ark!


Friday October 21st 2022
The Foundation of Jewish Pride!


Friday October 14th 2022
Yes war or no war?


Friday October 7th 2022
Unity is Key to Real Happiness!


Friday September 30th 2022
Call-of-the-day: Family Gatherings!
Do it!


Friday September 23rd 2022
Living Life!


Friday September 16th 2022
Why so many holidays in one month?


Friday September 9th 2022
Lending a Hand: Limited or Unlimited?


Friday September 2nd 2022
Policing Our Children?


Friday August 26th 2022
Easiest way to reach G-D!


Friday August 12th 2022
Happy New Year!! ðŸ˜€ðŸ˜€ðŸ˜€


Friday August 5th 2022
A Good & Happy Tish'a B'Av!


Friday July 29th 2022
The Power of Love & Unity!


Friday July 22nd 2022
Are women allowed to raise their voice?


Friday July 15th 2022
Turning a Blessing into a Bigger Blessing!


Friday July 8th 2022
One G-D & Two Worlds vs. One World & Two G-Ds...


Friday July 1st 2022
The Rebbe LOVES Everyone. Including Korach!


Friday June 24th 2022
Everyone is good and should be given a chance!


Friday June 10th 2022
How do I get to enjoy...?


Friday June 3rd 2022
Is Calgary a Thriving Jewish Community?


Friday May 27th 2022
All as ONE!


Friday May 20th 2022
Mazal Tov On The 41st Anniversary!


Friday May 13th 2022
Shining Role Model


Friday May 6th 2022
Don't stand by when witnessing bloodshed!


Thursday April 29th 2022
DO all YOU can!


Thursday April 14th 2022
A Pre-Pesach, Pre-Shabbat Greeting


Friday April 8th 2022
It happened in Calgary this week!


Friday March 25th 2022
Get Ready for the Good Times Ahead of us!


Thursday March 17th 2022
A Message from Rabbi Moscowitz, of Kharkov, Ukraine


Thursday March 17th 2022
Happy Purim! Shabbat Shalom!


Friday March 11th 2022
What To Do During War?


Friday March 4th 2022
Blessings to the Rebbe's Soldiers in Ukraine!


Friday February 25th 2022
Joy Will Break Through All Barriers & Troubles!


Friday February 18th 2022
No Wonder the World is Messed Up!


Friday February 11th 2022
11 Ingredients & The Menorah!


Friday February 4th 2022
Wealth is not health! But health is wealth! And will bring wealth!


Thursday January 27th 2022
Sixty Days of Joy Coming Our Way! Ready?


Thursday January 20th 2022
Yitro said 'Boruch Hashem' 3300 years ago for this week's miracle in Texas!


Thursday January 13th 2022
Why is G‑d not taking us out of exile the way He did at the Exodus


Thursday January 6th 2022
Cold, Darkness, Caring & Education!


Thursday December 30th 2021
Get Rid of Anger in 61 Minutes!


Thursday December 23rd 2021
Yes! There is a G-D who runs the World!


Friday December 17th 2021
Life vs. burial! Chazak!


Friday December 10th 2021
Determination of Truth is Setting the Tone for Victory!


Friday November 26th 2021
Yaakov said YES to light!!! So do we!


Friday November 19th 2021


Friday November 12th 2021
Should I have fear like Yaakov had?
Is that a good thing?


Friday November 5th 2021
Blessings & more Blessings!


Friday October 29th 2021
Live from Kinus Hashluchim in 770!


Friday October 22nd 2021
Seeing G-D!


Friday October 15th 2021
Better than Coffee!


Friday October 8th 2021
My Mother - An Unsung Hero!

Rochel & I standing at the resting place of my mother OBM - Oct 8th 2021


Friday October 1st 2021
Setting the Tone for the Year! This Shabbos! All together!


Friday September 10th 2021
Are the High Holidays about me or about G‑d?


Friday September 3rd 2021
Standing firm is Hashem's blessing for this coming year!


Friday August 27th 2021
Mazel Tov Alberta! Bring in the GOOD in your life, right at the start! No reason to wait!


Friday August 20th 2021
Living the NOW vs. Planning the TOMORROW!


Friday August 13th 2021
The Art of Making This Happen!!!


Friday August 6th 2021
Visible Blessing! A month of blessing ahead of us!


Friday July 23rd 2021
Birthday Wishes & Blessings!


Friday July 16th 2021
Vision of the Future!


Friday July 9th 2021
Chazak Chazak Venitchazek! - Strength Strength and we will be Strong!


Friday July 2nd 2021
On the longer side... but I think... worth listening...


Friday June 25th 2021
Hard to believe... yet!


Friday June 18th 2021
Miriam, Aaron & a tribute to Sam Switzer - Osher Zelig Ben Meir Halevi OBM on his 3rd Yohrtzeit!


Friday June 4th 2021
A bump along the way - does not translate as failure!
The power of the individual!


Friday May 28th 2021
A 2372-Year Prophecy...But So Relevant To Today!
The power of the individual!


Friday May 21st 2021
Heads UP! Jewish Pride! Peace!
The power of the individual!


Friday May 14th 2021
This year Shavuot celebrates the 3333rd anniversary of Mount Sinai! While these disturbing times in Israel are taking place, we cannot put our heads down! On the contrary! On this Shabbat and the Holiday of Shavuot (Monday-Tuesday), we will dedicate our candlelighting, prayers, hearing and studying of the 10 Commandments, Kiddush, festive meals and L'chayim to Israel and the safety of all the Jewish people throughout the world!

Instead of a personal recording, I invite you to watch this very inspiring and G‑dly words from the Rebbe - from the 1967 Lag B'Omer Parade, less than a week before the Six-Day War.


Friday May 7th 2021
Sagely advice for these troubling times...


Friday April 30th 2021
Lag B'Omer, pandemic, unity & feeling GOOD about the future!


Friday April 23rd 2021
Shout out to 140+ volunteers - 1500 hours - over the last 13 months!


Friday April 16th 2021
The two sides of Beauty - a powerful tool in life!


Friday April 9th 2021
Who is to decide? And how to decide?


Thursday March 25th 2021
Prep for Pesach in a Shabbos Atmosphere


Friday March 19th 2021
How can SELF SACRIFICE be considered FREEDOM?


Friday March 12th 2021
Spring & Jump FORWARD - UPWARD into your own miracle!


Friday March 5th 2021
Life is made up of three stages!


Friday February 25th 2021
Happy Purim!


Friday February 19th 2021
How are your car blinkers doing?


Friday February 12th 2021
JDAIM: Inclusion & Happiness!


Friday February 5th 2021
Why are COVID-19 rules so confusing, unstable and changing?


Friday January 29th 2021
Doubtfulness & Uncertainty


Friday January 22nd 2021
The Rebbe trusting your inner abilities! Go for it!


Friday January 15th 2021
3 Obstacles - 1 Answer!


Friday January 8th 2021
Things are REALLY Bad!


Friday January 1st 2021
Life is Good! Even Now! Really?!


Sunday December 27th 2020
Shavua Tov!


Friday December 18th 2020
Chanukah's positive light & inspiration never ends!


Friday December 11th 2020
Increasing the Light Despite...


Friday December 4th 2020
Chanukah COVID Message in the Parsha of this Week


Thursday November 26th 2020
Protect your head with a rock!


Thursday November 19th 2020
ZOOMed out? Watch this!


Thursday November 5th 2020
Connect with G-D or Be a Mentch?


Thursday October 29th 2020


Thursday October 22nd 2020
Noah's ARK - Corona's ARK!

Developing Our Destiny
An eye opener with facts on recent and current world developments! 

Friday October 16th 2020
Let There Be Light!
Please enjoy this short but inspiring lesson from this weeks Parsha by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, with my and Rebbetzin Matusof's best wishes for a Good Shabbos & Shabbat Shalom, a healthy, safe and GOOD winter ahead of us.


Let our inner warmth and light shine and be shared even if we find ourselves in cold and dark days! G-D does trust us despite all, and is giving us the strength and ability of creating and spreading light, until we will reach the ultimate light of Moshiach and world redemption! 

Friday October 9th 2020
Simchas Torah During COVID - How?
A Pre-Shabbat, Pre-Yom Tov message
from Rabbi Menachem Matusof. 
Friday October 2nd 2020
Sukkot Happiness During COVID
A Pre-Shabbat, Pre-Yom Tov message
from Rabbi Menachem Matusof. 
Friday September 11th 2020
Standing Firm as We Welcome the New Year
A Pre-Shabbat, Pre-Yom Tov message
from Rabbi Menachem Matusof. 
Friday September 4th 2020
How to Make Our
Desires and Wishes Last?

Friday August 21st 2020
Does G‑d owe us?
Friday August 21st 2020
Defunding Police - Yes? No?
A Rosh Chodesh Elul Pre-Shabbat message from Rabbi Menachem Matusof. 
Friday August 14th 2020
See & Appreciate the Blessings!
Friday August 7th 2020
Manna & Coronna: Miracle or Challenge?
Friday July 31st 2020
The Positive in COVID-19!
Friday July 24th 2020
Celebrate by Seeing the POSITIVE!
Friday July 17th 2020
4 Years Today!
An emotional message
from Rabbi Menachem Matusof. 
Friday July 10th 2020
Overcoming Geographic and Social Boundaries
Sunday July 5th 2020
One Rebbe's Vision from 93 years ago & today!
Friday July 3rd 2020
Celebrating Today with Tomorrow's Light
Friday June 19th 2020
Jews Wanted to Go Into G-D's Promised Land, Hashem said: HOLD OFF!
Our Friend, the Grand Rebbe
New York City councilman James E. Davis, rest in peace, founded the non-profit organization, Love Yourself, Stop the Violence, dedicated to halting inner city gun crime and drug abuse. His brother, Geoffrey Davis, retells the original inspiration behind his brother’s life work. (late-1970’s)
Friday June 5th 2020
Thinking Positive & Offering Blessings in these Challenging Times
Friday May 22nd 2020
Praying at Home or Praying at Shul?
Friday May 15th 2020
Connectivity and bonding in these times and assuring that we keep it alive even when returning to 'Normal Life'.
Fri. May 8th 2020
Now is the time to use the Quarontine times to connect and make the bond with the loved ones stronger.

Fri. May 1st 2020
Is G‑d with us when we're not with him at Synagogue?


Fri. April 24th 2020
Beautiful life is when it's beautiful for oneself and for our fellow!


Fri. April 17th 2020
Reach out with a positive message to 2-3 people daily until it becomes viral!


Fri. April 3rd 2020
Please reach out to anyone in need for food on Passover!


Fri. March 27th 2020
G‑d is primarily in our own homes and not in Synagogue! Now more than ever!


Wed. March 25th 2020
Join Rabbi Matusof and world Jewry in prayer & for an encouraging message and blessing from the Rebbe.


Fri. March 20th 2020
Encouraging to voluntarily ISOLATE and Keep Shabbos step by step.