The Yahrtzeit (anniversary of a loved one's passing) is a time to remember the person in the synagogue by reciting the Kaddish prayer, through the giving of extra charity, and through learning.

Jewish Law requires that the Kaddish be recited during the first eleven months following the death of a loved one by prescribed mourners, and on each anniversary of the death (the "Yahrtzeit").

The obligation of mourning and Kaddish is primarily on the deceased children, only if there are no children does the obligation of mourning fall on a spouse or closest blood relative.

In the event that the children are not able to recite Kaddish, it is necessary that they find someone who will recite Kaddish for them.

If you are in doubt regarding who is to mourn, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

You can arrange for Kaddish to be said at each of the daily services.


  • One-Time Request
    • A one-time request to say Kaddish on the anniversary of a loved one's passing
  • First 11 Months
    • Requesting Kaddish to be said for the First 11 Months after a loved one's passing
  • First 11 Months & the Next Ten Years
    • Requesting Kaddish to be said for the First 11 Months and for the next ten years
  • Annual Request for Ten Years
    • Requesting Kaddish to be said annually for ten years


Place your request online or download a form and fax it into our office at 403-281-0338. 



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