With the COVID-19 outbreak, the needs of the individuals and families in the community grew tremendously. With Kosher eateries not being available, people losing jobs, families stuck at home not being able to leave and their means taken away from them, many are requiring food & basic essentials for themselves and their children, many needing guidance, support, counselling & more.

We at Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta, with our philosophy to put everything aside to stand up and assist in a time of need, jumped right in and took it upon ourselves to make it happen.

As the Marvin & Leslie Levant Kosher Kitchen is Alberta’s only Jewish Kosher Kitchen currently in operation, we are committed to helping every individual and family throughout the province have all their needs met during these challenging times, including delicious ready-made Kosher food, all prepared with every possible precaution, to assure the safety and well-being of everyone in the community. All handling of food is done in extreme sanitary conditions, following all current CDC and AHS protocols and beyond.

Naturally, and with our mandate of serving all people regardless of faith and ethnic background, we expect and will reach out to serve meals above and beyond Jewish families but to all Albertans in need.

Of course it doesn't stop there. We are also providing emotional support and guidance for vulnerable Albertans, whose social well-being needs have been compromised during or as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, to enable them to have their needs met, and of course praying and hoping for good health.

We have been getting an increasing number of calls for assistance and we anticipate the number of requests and needs of the community to increase.

Of course we are actively providing virtual programming, classes & opportunities, for children, teens & adults, during these trying times. Hebrew School, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, JLI Classes, CTeen get-togethers, Holiday events & more are just some examples of what's taking place.

We invite you to take a look on the rest of the webpage to access details on getting food for yourself or someone in need, volunteer opportunities, virtual programs and classes for all ages, emotional support and more!

Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta serves our province with sixteen clergy (on payroll and volunteers). With the additional help of staff or volunteers that will be trained we will be able to reach our goal.

Huge thank you to Leonard & Faigel Shapiro for their generosity in this project!

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