Land Use Redesignation


Our original occupancy permit expires in February 2019. By that time, we have two options. Either we ask for an extension from the City of Calgary or we apply for a change in zoning.

With the great help from Rick Balbi Architect Ltd. and Landstar Development Corporation, we have worked on and applied with the City of Calgary for a change in zoning. Our zoning (see update below) is industrial in nature.

The applied zone change to a commercial designation will grant us the needed occupancy permit with no time limits, as well as allow us to plan for the long-term goal of having a range of amenities be on our site including a gymnasium, housing, a kosher restaurant, reception hall (to name a few).

We have also been in contact regularly with the City of Calgary, our local Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra, and the Fairview Community Association who have all shown their support for this application, our vision and proposed development.

An Open House Information Session whose purpose is to inform the Fairview community of our Land Use Application, to introduce ourselves and what we bring to the community, and to discuss our vision of our property with them was held on October 17, 2018 allowing us to gather early feedback from the community. 

On November 15th, 2018, the City of Calgary presented our application to the Calgary Planning Commission. The Calgary Planning Commission recommended that our application be brought to City Council for a Public Hearing.

Our application was presented to City Council on January 14th, 2019. City Council was overwhelmingly in favour of our application. Our application was unanimously approved and our zoning has been changed!

Why Fairview Industrial?


The Vision

• City of Calgary: Proposed Land Use District Handout

• City of Calgary: Planning & Development Map for our Application

Calgary Planning Commission - November 15th 2018 Minutes

Calgary Planning Commission - November 15th 2018 Video
(note: our presentation begins at approximately the 3hr15min mark) 

Calgary City Council - Public Hearing - January 14th 2019 Video
(note: our presentation begins at approximately the 4hr mark)

• For audio only of our City Council presentation, click here.