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Every week, pairs of teenage volunteers visit children with special needs in their homes, offering friendship and sharing in activities. Our teens are specially trained for their valuable role as friend and mentor. Parents enjoy regular respite while the child and teen friend engage in homemade fun and play.

* Friendship Circle requires that a parent always be on hand during these visits.

Children's Sunday Circle

This program helps to teach children everything from gross motor and cognitive techniques to communication and language skills. Through music, stories, arts and crafts, and opportunities for socialization, children with special needs learn about their beautiful Jewish heritage.

Holiday Programs

The Friendship Circle Holiday Programs allow the entire family to celebrate together in a comfortable setting. Volunteers are on hand to ensure that the event meets the particular needs of the children. Innovative activities bring the warm and joyous feelings of the holidays to the children and their families.

Volunteer Programs

Nothing makes children feel better about themselves than spending time with friends that truly care about them.

Click here for information on our Volunteer Programs.

Friendship Circle International

Visit the home of Friendship Circle to see what amazing programs are taking place all over the world.