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 sFbu1792590.jpg By Shael Gelfand

300 Communities Unite for One Shabbat One World

It was a weekend few will forget.  More than 250 people joined together in Jewish fellowship to celebrate One Shabbat One World - Feb 6-8 at Chabad House in Calgary - a Shabbos dedicated to the era of universal peace and harmony (Moshiach). The weekend was filled with spirituality and sharing by Jews around the world as One Shabbat One World was celebrated in more than 300 cities.  With almost 200 people attending the Shabbat dinner on Friday evening, Chabad House was filled to overflowing.  "We are just delighted with the turnout," said Rabbi Mordechai Groner Director of the Calgary Jewish Learning Institute, and organizer of One Shabbat One World.  "There wasn't an empty seat in the house and more importantly it provided the opportunity for members of Calgary's Jewish community to come together to celebrate Shabbat."    

Keynote to the Calgary celebration was the teachings of Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, LL.B, M.Ed.Psych, D.Div. of Melbourne Australia.  Rabbi Wolf is a world renowned expert and teacher of authentic Kabbalah.  Rabbi Wolf also gave presentations on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Saturday's presentation was called Be Strong in the face of Crisis and provided participants with some insight and tools on leading a fulfilling life even during difficult times.  He told his audience not to live a horizontal or shallow life, comparing it to staying on the surface of the water while swimming in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.  "Lead a vertical life with depth, living each moment" said Rabbi Wolf, only when you dive below the surface do you experience the true wonder of the Reef.
Sunday's presentation was called Mind Yoga.  Rabbi Wolf told his audience he first coined the phrase Mind Yoga when asked to explain Kabbalah during an interview on American television. "It's a wonderful metaphor, "says Rabbi Wolf.  While no one in attendance wore workout clothing, "the notions of adopting postures in terms of the way we think and the way we feel, mind postures and emotion postures is a long and established practice in the deeper labyrinths of Torah and Judaism." 
Rabbi Wolf explained that in a world that challenges us to be appropriate and balanced in our response mechanisms "it behooves us to be much more trained and disciplined."  He said to do that we must "undertake a training program to be able to evolve those composures of mind and emotion that allow us to connect with each other, optimally, in a loving, positive compassionate repose rather than through a fearful, disrespectful and disconnected repose."   Rabbi Wolf demonstrated and explained his Mind Yoga program and also led the participants through some meditation exercises. 

Judging by the response from the audience, Rabbi Wolf was a hit.  All his books, tapes and study guides quickly sold out.  To find out more about Dr. Laibl Wolf and his spiritual growth centre visit his website at  

One Shabbat One World was a tremendous success. Special thanks go to the weekend hosts Edwin and Denise Ritchie, members of the One Shabbos One World committee, patrons and sponsors. 

May we merit to celebrate the ultimate One Shabbos with the coming of our righteous Moshiach now.

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