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Special Documentary Event - With My Whole Broken Heart 

Special Three Class Event - Extreme Edition: Divine Edition 

Spring 5777/2017 - Survival of a Nation 

Winter 5777/2017 - The Dilemma 

Fall 5777/2016 - How Success Thinks 

Special Summer 5776/2016 Class - The Mystery of the Beit Hamikdash Explained!

Spring 5776/2016 - Strength and Struggle

Special Two-Part Mini-series Winter 5776/2016 - Justice and the War on Terror

Winter 5776/2016 - The Jewish Course of Why

Special Tisha B'Av 5776 Program: Triumph of Hope

Fall 5776/2016 - Journey of the Soul


Other Calgary JLI Courses

With My Whole Broken Heart 
Extreme Makeover: Divine Edition
Judaism Decoded
The Art of Parenting
How Happiness Thinks
Paradigm Shift
To Be a Jew in the Free World

Life in the Balance
Personal Encounters with our Heroes
Curious Tales of the Talmud

Living with Integrity
Who Are You? The Kabbalah of You
The Art of Marriage
Money Matters: Jewish Business Ethics

Portraits in Leadership
Medicine and Morals
Towards a Meaningful Life
Oasis in Time
Divine Design
Fascinating Facts
Biblical Reflections
You Be the Judge
Soul Maps
Soul Quest
Tough Decisions
The Land and the Spirit
Beyond Never Again


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