Yachad aims to put theoretical principles into morally responsible practices and to develop within each child the capacity for spiritual growth. At Yachad we present Judaism as a way of life, filled with pride, joy, dreams, meaning, and fulfillment.
Yachad offers a unique program. Our curriculum is designed using multi-sensory, hands-on activities, creative art projects, music and drama. The children will be learning through using their five senses, thereby the knowledge will not remain abstract.

Our sophisticated Hebrew language program will teach the Hebrew alphabet, reading and writing Hebrew words, and conversational Hebrew.

Our Judaic curriculum includes history and knowledge of the Jewish holidays, as they occur throughout the year. The children will be introduced to different parts of prayer. The history of our holy land, as well as modern day Israel will come alive at Yachad. The beauty of Shabbat, the importance of caring and loving one another, awaiting Moshiach and the mitzvah of Tzedaka, are some of the important Jewish values that will be instilled at Yachad.
At Yachad, we believe learning is more than piling on the books. Our teachers actually live the material they teach. As a result of the children having real examples , together with a truly user-friendly curriculum, Judaism and the Hebrew language, are viewed and absorbed in an enjoyable, positive way.
"Yachad" meaning togetherness, was given its name to emphasize the philosophy of Chabad - Caring and Sharing. The Jewish values of caring for others, and sharing with those who are less fortunate, are what we are seeking to instill. Yachad will be involved with visits to children who are sick, and cheering them up with holiday gifts etc. At Yachad, the children will be empowered to appreciate making a difference in other children’s lives.