“I love the friends I made at BMC. We learned a lot of cool things and did fun stuff. Even though I had my Bat Mitzvah, I’m coming back next year!”

- Dena, Age 11


Think About It...

When planning your Bat Mitzvah, remember all the really important stuff begins after the celebration ends. People will soon forget the meal you served, what the decorations looked like, and what you wore.

BUT what YOU take away from this special time is everlasting - the beautiful gift of spiritual maturity!

If you’re a Jewish girl who’s up for having a blast, diving into some real girl talk, and discovering just how powerful and important you really are – you’ve come to the right place!


Why join BMC?
Because it’s fun, social, revealing – and all about YOU!

Learn and become more fluent with some of the prayers and rituals. Feel good about your ability to understand and appreciate the rituals and meaning of prayers at home and at the synagogue .

“There’s more to becoming Bat Mitzvah than a party, we just happen to have a lot of fun and make new friends while we discover that!”


Here’s just a sample of some BMC activities…

  • Chew and chat. As we enjoy great food, we also dish about life – and no judgments, ever! BMC is a safe place to get into all kinds of topics that are on your mind – you name it, we’ll talk about it!
  • Create jewelry, scrapbooks & other stylish crafts. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest artist, just try it all for the fun of it!
  • Make traditional treats. Uncover the history behind foods unique to our Jewish culture – then really dig in – by baking or cooking it right there and enjoying it with the girls!
  • Come to special events. BMC does a little bit of everything – from welcoming amazing guest speakers, to going on field trips around the town, to hosting Shabbat sleepovers!
  • And of course, make new friends. Who knows, your future BFF might be at BMC!
  • Hey, who’s in charge? A group leader keeps things all together. Your BMC leader is young smart, fun, creative, current and relatable. She knows what it’s like to be just where you’re at today because she has been there herself! Most of all, she is really into making BMC a great experience for you.