• Tuesday morning, on the way to the Mikveh before going to the Kotel (Western Wall), Rabbi Matusof and a few other Chabad rabbis were met by a surprise and got an unofficial tour of the Old City.

In the Muslim Quarter are about 80 Jewish homes including a couple of Yeshvot and synagogues.  Matai Dan is one of the pioneers and founders of a project to purchase homes for Jewish individuals and families in that neighbourhood and was their unofficial tour guide.

Matai also took them into his home where they shared a l'chayim where he showed them a letter he got in 1979 from the Lubavitcher Rebbe with the Rebbe's blessing and encouragement for this project. It is worth noting that in his letter, the Rebbe refers to the Old City of Jeruslaem as the main and real Yerushaliyim and that the modern city is a suburb.

Rabbi Matusof on Matai's patio

Enjoying a L'chayim with Matai

Link to the Rebbe's Letter from 1979 (Opens in a New Window)


• At the Kotel (Western Wall) with Minister Jason Kenney

Minister Kenney & Rabbi Matusof


• Inside the Knesset, Rabbi Matusof was greeted by the Head of the Shas Party - Aryeh Deri. Aryeh Deri was born in Morocco, as was Rabbi Matusof, and was quite familiar with Rabbi Matusof's late parents work running Chabad Morocco for 42 years.

Aryeh Deri & Rabbi Matusof


• Calgarians Rabbi Matusof Came Across During His Trip

• Ira Briar at the Hula Valley - Ira made aliya 22 years ago from Calgary and now works with the Jewish National Fund in Israel. Ira lives in Jerusalem.

• Rena Cohen (nee Dvorkin) at the Hula Valley - Rena is formally of Calgary and now living in Tzfat.

Rena Cohen & Rabbi Matusof


• Leah Dworcan at the Kotel - Leah is a former Camp Gan Israel consellor in Calgary

 About 40 minutes outside Tel Aviv, the tour bus makes a routine stop at a rest stop. As Rabbi Matusof is walking around, browsing the local stores, he hears someone call his name with great joy. He is then greeted by Philip Shapiro who is originally from Edmonton but did live in Calgary. Philip is now living in Israel and works nearby. He was on his way home, stopping for a coffee.

Phil Shapiro & Rabbi Matusof


• Rabbi Matusof spent Shabbos in Kfar Chabad where during the Shabbos lunch fabrengen, he was asked to say a few words. Another gentleman who was in attendace that Shabbos, upon returning home that afternoon, he recounted the story of how a Shliach from the delegation spoke so well and nicely that Shabbos. His sister, who was visiting from Brazil, asked him who that rabbi was. The man did not know.

"By chance," said his sister, "was that man's name Matusof?"

"Yes!" replied her brother.

His sister smiled and replied, "my daughter Etty Begun is living with Rabbi Matusof in Calgary and is one of the Youth Centre Coordinators at the CHabad House." 


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