High Holidays - Registration Form

For security and organizational purposes, please register for services and children’s programs.   

All programs & our main services are taking place at our new location, the Chabad Calgary Campus.

Shabbat & Holiday Meals are offered after every service BY REGISTRATION ONLY. Click here for more information.

Shabbat & Holiday Accommodations are available by reservation only. Contact our office for more information.

To accommodate Shabbos observance for families living nearby, we also have a small branch for services only in Woodlands. Please note it is a small location, on the second floor, with very limited space.


Registration Form
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However we suggest that you make a High Holiday contribution of $1400 to help cover our expenses.

  • $1100 - Programs and Services
  • $100 - Outreach to the Needy
  • $100 - High Holiday Children's Programs
  • $100 - High Holiday JLI - Adult Education Classes
  • $100 - Jail & Hospital Visitation Programs

  Join us in the GREAT MITZVAH – TZEDAKA to help the needy!


Suggested Amounts


If you can afford more, please help the less fortunate. In return Hashem will Bless you.

If you can not afford this amount to be paid at once, please consider a ‘Monthly payment Plan’ that fits your budget. Or contribute any amount you can afford.


$1400 $1280 $1180  
$770 Other $


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For check payments, please make checks payable to 'Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta'
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With best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet Year!
Shana Tova!