Updated as of November 12th 2020 - New info is bold


We must and will take the safety and health
of the community and of every individual seriously!

Following consultation with Medical (AHS) and Halachic authorities, we are delighted to be able to start opening up our Chabad Campus for Prayers, in a limited capacity and with strict safety measures.
This will have very specific protocol for everyone’s safety and comfort. These guidelines are based on the current situation and will be revisited regularly and updated accordingly. These guidelines are also considering other programs taking place at Chabad (The Faigel Shapiro Kosher Pantry, Camp Gan Israel and more).
For those staying home a ZOOM meeting will be set up for the weekday services.
Although these rules may seem strict and limiting, following them will help protect us all as well as make sure everyone attending feels comfortable. It will also allow us to expand our in-person services and programs. Let's focus on what we can do, not on our limitations.


Current Minyan Plan:

• Monday: 8:40AM
• Thursday: 8:40AM
• Shabbat: 10:30AM-12:00PM – (Prayers start at 10:00am)


Changes in the Centre:

1.     A designated person will be at the door to check the temperature & direct the participants to their pre-assigned seats.
2.     Seating will be marked to ensure social distancing.
3.     Upon entering the premises each person must sanitize their hands and is encouraged to use the available hand-sanitizers
        at every opportunity.
4.     Prayer books, Tallis & Tefillin will not be used for at-least 72 hours before Services.
5.     Hand Sanitizers will be placed at the entrance and in various places for your use.
6.     Only one person (family) will be handling the Torah, and each person will make the blessings of the Torah from a distance.
7.     Tables and chairs will be sanitized regularly.
8.     While Chabad is not encouraging people to come to Minyan, we will be assisting with gathering the Minyan.
        It should not be regarded as pushing or encouraging attendance, but ‘information-gathering’ on those who are coming
        in order for us to prepare our space for the safety and security of those attending.

9.     Kiddush lunches & L’chayims are suspended until further notice. In lieu of a l’chayim or breakfast to honour a loved one
        or special occasion, we encourage the sponsorship/ordering of pre-prepared meals from our Food To Go pantry service.

10.   A ZOOM meeting will be set up for those who cannot, or prefer not to, attend in person (weekday services only).


Rules for the Community:

1.    By registration only. Space is not guaranteed if you do not register. (As space is limited, priority will be given to Yahrtzait…).
Register by 4:00PM the day before to Rabbi Daniel Shimonov
Phone or Text: 403-813-8770
Email: [email protected]
Complete online RSVP form
2.     You MUST be symptom free
3.     Please do not attend services if you
        a. Traveled out of Canada (within the last 14 days)
        b. Are feeling ill
        c. Were in contact with someone who is a confirmed case of COVID-19
4.     Stay in your marked spot, physical distancing (6 ft) must be kept when entering and exiting. (family is considered 1 unit)
5.     Facemasks must be worn in the building (Please bring your own as we have limited supply).
6.     If possible, please bring your own Kippah, Tallit & Tefillin.
        If you take a Kippah at Chabad, do not put it back in the bin, please take it home with you.
7.     Washroom use should be avoided. If needed, instructions posted in the washroom must be followed.
8.     Children can attend ONLY if they can stay with parents (Youth activity room & outdoor playground are off-limits).
9.     All directions & instructions from Chabad staff must be followed.
10.   Absolutely and please no Touching/kissing the Mezuzah, Torah & Aron Kodesh.
11.    No socializing on premises
12.   No food (Kiddush/l’chaim/hot drinks) will be served. On lieu of a l’chayim or breakfast to honour a loved one
        or special occasion, we encourage the sponsorship/ordering of pre-prepared meals from our Food To Go pantry service.
13.   No singing during services.
14.   When called up to the Torah stay in place


Please follow the rules as this will help make everyone attending
feel comfortable and allow us to expand our in person services & programs.

By registering and by entering the premises, you are agreeing to comply
to all the above listed rules in order to keep everyone safe.


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