By the numbers:

2615 Pantry meals prepared to date... The food is baked & cooked in our Marvin & Leslie Levant Commercial Kosher Kitchen. All handling of food is done with extreme sanitary conditions following all current CDC and AHS protocols and beyond.


427 Pantry families reached to date... The Faigel Shapiro Kosher Pantry is committed to helping every individual and family have all their needs met during these challenging times, including Delicious Kosher food!


1043 Families reached to date to provide emotional support and help during these challenging times. This excludes meals.


342 Volunteer Hours helping our community and making a huge difference.


700 Meals/week are expected to be distributed each week.


20320 Meals are expected to be distributed through December..


4500 Counselling & Support Hours expected during the next 24 weeks. These times can be very challenging on many different levels. A listening ear, some good advice & emotional support can be crucially important & vital. The Rabbi is continuing to spend hours one-on-one assisting & guiding in the best way he can.

2500 Families are expected to be reached to provide help and support during these challenging times (excluding meals).


A new green space and playground for children!

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In the News:

Rabbi Menachem Matusof discussing Passover on air on CHQR 770 AM