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It goes without saying that at Chabad, we are taking every possible step and precaution to assure the safety and well-being of everyone in the community and beyond.

Obviously, anyone in need of any support or help due to this unique circumstance we are in now, should please not hesitate to contact any of the Rabbis or staff at Chabad.

If you know seniors or anyone who cannot go out and is in need of something, let us know and we will do our best to help in a safe way. Please let’s remember: While we might need to be in physical isolation… NO ONE SHOULD BE IN SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL ISOLATION! We at Chabad are here to help and assist!

Chabad’s Calgary Campus & Edmonton’s Chabad House are closed for all programs and services. All our programs and Services are moving to online platforms. 

Our focus is also on cleaning, sanitizing and making our Calgary’s commercial kitchen ready for cooking and baking for Pesach as per guidelines and advice of our government.

We are very hopeful and are working hard on assuring that the "Faigel Shapiro Kosher Pantry" is in the position of tending to everyone’s needs as every year and even more, with the hope of helping many communities in Alberta!

We are working on bringing the kitchen to a position of assuring Pesach and Seder needs for all.

Also, please make sure your homes are protected! If you need a new Mezuzah, or if you need your old Mezuzos checked, we're here to help you make any arrangements.

Let us all remember the Rebbe’s message: One act of Goodness and Kindness will indeed change the world! May Hashem bless everyone with good health NOW! May Hashem make an end to this NOW! MOSHIACH NOW!

Friday May 22nd 2020
Praying at Home or Praying at Shul?


Friday May 15th 2020
Connectivity and bonding in these times and assuring that we keep it alive even when returning to 'Normal Life'.


Fri. May 8th 2020
Now is the time to use the Quarontine times to connect and make the bond with the loved ones stronger.

Fri. May 1st 2020
Is G‑d with us when we're not with him at Synagogue?

Fri. April 24th 2020
Beautiful life is when it's beautiful for oneself and for our fellow!

Fri. April 17th 2020
Reach out with a positive message to 2-3 people daily until it becomes viral!

Fri. April 3rd 2020
Please reach out to anyone in need for food on Passover!

Fri. March 27th 2020
G‑d is primarily in our own homes and not in Synagogue! Now more than ever!

Wed. March 25th 2020
Join Rabbi Matusof and world Jewry in prayer & for an encouraging message and blessing from the Rebbe.

Fri. March 20th 2020
Encouraging to voluntarily ISOLATE and Keep Shabbos step by step.