Tefillin & Mezuzah Bank


The Rebbe launched the historic Tefillin Campaign - the first of the Rebbe's ten mivtzoim - at the height of the pre-Six-Day War crisis. It marked the taking of the Rebbe's directives to the streets and became the cornerstone of shlichus and hafotzas hayahadus. Ever since, thousands of homes and offices are visited each week by Chabad Lubavitch shluchim, and hundreds of thousands of Jews put on Tefillin worldwide as a result every year.


Mezuzah 2“The mezuzah is a symbol of G‑d's watchful care over the house and its dwellers. The name of G‑d, Sha-dai, which appears on the reverse side of the parchment, is an acronym for the Hebrew words which mean 'Guardian of the doorways of Israel.' The placing of a mezuzah on the doors of a home or office protects the inhabitants — whether they are inside or outside... ”


We are extremely pleased to inform you of a new worldwide Mivtza Tefillin & Mezuzah incentive
The Yaakov & Chana Weinbaum Tefillin & Mezuzah Bank

The Tefillin Bank will offer a free pair of Tefillin to any Jew who has sincerely undertaken to put on Tefillin each and every weekday. The Tefillin will be given through our Chabad House.

The Mezuzah Bank will provide Mezuzot free of charge to any Jewish family who needs.


Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta has already delivered many pairs of Tefillin and several Mezuzot to jews in Calgary. Be the next man to wrap Godliness to your life and the next one to be protected by a Higher Protection Agency!

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