Q: Who can join BMC?

A: Any Jewish girl age 11 to 13 (We welcome girls of all backgrounds and affiliations (no matter where the celebration party will be held or was held already.)

Questions from Girls

Q: Why should I join BMC?
A: Why not!?! BMC is a fun club for girls – our motto is “Good Friends. Good Deeds. Good Times.” for good reason! You’ll make new friends with girls just like you, talk about all the stuff you want to talk about, get the inside scoop on what to expect as you become a teen, learn ways to deal with situations you might find yourself in, discover more about yourself (that you never even knew!), and connect with your Jewish spirit. BMC is all about YOU!

Q: How many meetings are there? Where are they? What are they like?
A: BMC meetings are usually twice a month during the school year and there may be additional special events planned. Meetings run for 2 hours, and will generally be held at the Chabad House. Meetings are social, interesting, interactive and hands-on! And, they are always FUN; planned especially for girls like you — coving a variety of topics, ranging from making a special Jewish dish and learning about its origins to talking out issues you’re having with friends or at school to finding out cool cultural and spiritual things about our religion to doing neat crafts like jewelry making, and lots more!

Q: What are the group leaders like?
A: BMC leaders are definitely on your wavelength! They are creative, fun, outgoing young women who are active in their communities, involved with good causes, and who are committed to making BMC a great experience for you. They also “get it” because it was not so long ago that they were your age!

Q: My family is not too religious, does that matter?
A: No! BMC is for girls of any and all Jewish backgrounds.

Q: Can I be a member for more than 1 year?
A: Yes! You can return for another year or two as long as you’re between ages 11 and 13.

Questions from Parents

Q: Why should my daughter become a BMC member?
A: BMC provides ample opportunity to make new friends and learn new things, both related to Judaism and everyday life. Through entertaining, engaging activities the girls learn moral, ethical and functional life lessons that have both modern applications and traditional Jewish applications. It is our goal to instill in them knowledge, confidence and spiritual awareness in a way that is friendly, conversational, free of judgment and genuinely fun. For more information, check out our Curriculum page.

Q: Why was BMC started?
A: It is our goal through fun, interesting activities that promote friendship, life lessons, and tie-ins with Jewish culture and law, to inspire a generation of Jewish girls to become confident, smart thoughtful women who understand there is more to their Bat Mitzvah than the party.

Q: Who leads the group?
A: BMC leaders are young women who are active in their communities and have ties to the organization hosting the particular chapter. They are committed to making a difference in the girls’ lives and have an understanding of this age group, having been there not too long ago. BMC provides them with materials (part of a carefully planned curriculum) to cover with the girls and they plan engaging theme-oriented meetings and special events accordingly.

Q: What sect of Judaism does BMC fall under?
A: Girls of various Jewish backgrounds are welcome; there is no one sect and all will feel included! BMC was created with authentic Jewish law intertwined into our programs. The club is for everyone, regardless of their level of Jewish observance.