On the third of Tammuz in year 5754 - 1994. (this year June 27, 2017), the Rebbe ascended on his last mission to complete his lifetime goal - the redemption.

The Rebbe's Day - Tammuz 3 - is a day that encourages us to bond with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, followed by a Mitzvah, an act of Goodness and Kindness. Even with the lack of his physical presence since 1994, the Rebbe continues to have an immeasurable impact on Jews and Judaism. Under his leadership and guidance, thousands of young couples continue to dedicate and devote their lives, through the global networks of Chabad-Lubavitch institutions, to spread Yidishskeit, goodness and kindness throughout the world. The Rebbe’s vision and promise of an imminent redemption, and a world filled with G‑dlines, peace and harmony continues to inspire millions through out the world. Soon it shall surely become a reality.

The Rebbe’s blessings and guidance continue to help and inspire many people in their physical and spiritual needs. Rabbi Matusof will be pleased to assist you with your request for a blessing or guidance. Please click here for a confidential and personal form that will reach Rabbi Matusof directly.

We are pleased to present you with this webpage which is a humble attempt to uncover the mystery of the Rebbe, who is responsible for the Jewish renaissance of our generation. We hope you will enjoy reading it and sharing it with others.

Some leaders create followers. The Rebbe, it has been said, created leaders. The seven Shluchim families in our province, partnered with hundreds of volunteers and contributors serving Alberta communities, bear testimony to the Rebbe’s continued leadership.

We value the opportunity to discuss these topics with you. Please feel free to call us or any of our Rabbis with any comments or questions you may have.

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