Community Mikvah

• Under the auspices of the Calgary Jewish Community Council
• Under the supervision of Rabbi Menachem Matusof,

   Senior Rabbi & Executive Director of Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta

The Mikvah is located in the basement of Congregation House of Jacob Mikveh Israel.

Calgary Community Women’s Mikvah  
1613 92nd Avenue SW Calgary

Click here for directions to the community Mikvah.

Women: by appointment only
Mikvah Rebbetzin: Rochel Matusof
For appointments please call Mrs. Adina Shimonov. Cell: (403) 890-8770 or email (private) [email protected] .
Please call in advance, even when not 100% sure of the details etc. Thank you!

Men: Currently there is no men's mikvah available.