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Toward Inclusion: Disability Inclusion Training

Toward Inclusion: Disability Inclusion Training

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1.3 Billion The estimated population of people with disabilities (PWD) constitute an emerging market the size of China.
2.3 Billion friends and family of people with disabilities (caregivers) who act on their emotional connection to people with disabilities.
$8 Trillion The amount people with disabilities and their friends and family control in annual disposable income.


Inclusion as a movement advocates for the opportunity for all people to fully participate in society. While there has been much progress on eliminating the historical marginalization of people with disabilities, our communities still have much work to do to create welcoming spaces for all people. People with disabilities still experience many types of barriers, physical and architectural as well as attitudinal and cultural, to their full participation as equal and valued members of our communities.
Toward Inclusion, presented in partnership with the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, the Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative, and the Friendship Circle, is predicated on the understanding that real and enduring societal change is achieved by transforming individual minds and hearts. The course draws on sources from psychology, classic Jewish teachings from Jewish scholars and authors through the ages, legal theory and social science, as well as, first-person accounts from individuals with disabilities—to explore the limits of our own perception, the inherent dignity of humanity, social responsibility, and the importance of ethical practice. An exploration of these theories and studies, and an examination of how they can be applied in our daily interactions with others, will hopefully serve to develop and nurture true and enduring inclusion in our communities.





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